july 13

CoRP (5C212)Kirk, Goodway, McCuaig
LAB(D Bldg.+)8:45 D115
Brains and Brawn: Potential effects of mild exercise enhancing neuronal
plasticity and cognitive functions"
SPAC (5C216+)8:30
"Game Sense" Coaching (Geisler)
(8:00-12:00 Soccer Field 2)
IDS (5C616 or 5C108)Management & Organization (Mwaanga,Southampton Solent University)
Common Lecture
Louise McCuaig(University of Queensland)
Physical Education and Sport in Schools: what has health got to do with it and why does it matter?
Networking Lunch
CoRP (5C212)Kirk, Goodway, McCuaig
LAB(D Bldg.+)14:15 106 in a Health & Medical Science Innovation Lab
“Gene Expression and Cell Signaling: New Tools in Exercise Science”
LAB work at Room D225
“Basic Principles of Western Blot”
SPAC (5C216+)Coaching & Physical Literacy (Mandigo)
IDS (5C616 or 5C108)Management & Organization (Samantha Prince,Bournemouth University)
Soccer Field 1 (7/11or 7/13) / Poster Pres. (7/11 or 7/13)Poster Pres. (7/11 or 7/13)