About reception desk participation registration of 2020TSI

TSI 2020 will be held from July 9th to 17th!

About reception desk participation registration of 2020 TSI

Mail will be sent to prospective applicants (provisional registrants) on May 1. Follow the instructions in the email, log in to your personal page, and fill out the application form until May 10th. Next, download the application form and a PDF of the recommendation from the university, and fill in your own sign and the university’s signature on each one. Please upload the signed application form and recommendation form in step 2 (jpeg or PDF). The application for participation is now complete.

Please register from Step 1 on My Page as soon as your flight to Japan and your flight to return will be decided. For those who wish to use the Tsukuba University dormitory, please select the entry date and departure date from Step 1.

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Step1:Fill in the required information in the participant information and download the application form


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Fill in the required items and press the confirmation button. Then check on the confirmation screen and press the registration button to complete.

You can download PDF of application form and nomination form. Download them, sign them individually, have the university sign the nominations, and proceed to the upload in step 2.

Go participation registration here!