Outline of the Program

The Tsukuba Summer Institute is composed of two parts. In the morning, lead lectures, presentations, and discussions will be conducted on “Sustainable Renewal and Professional Development in the Fields of Physical Education, the Olympics, and Sport Coaching.” In addition, collaborative projects on sustainable renewal in physical education will be planned by exploring barriers, facilitators, and country-specific contexts and conditions. All of the participants can attend the morning program.

The lunch break will enable participants to engage in informal talks with one another and to take advantage of the presence of the team of lecturers to receive individual tutoring or elaboration on given topics.

The afternoon programs offer workshops and discussions on research processes, from identifying a “hot” topic to casting intra- and international research collaboration. Programs for undergraduate students are also available; these programs include opportunities to experience traditional Japanese sports, laboratory tours, and mental training workshops.

For the lectures and practical exercises conducted in English, printed materials will be translated into Japanese. For the Japanese lectures and exercises, printed materials will be available in English, and in both cases, faculty and staff from the University of Tsukuba will be on hand to offer further translation support.

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2016 Tsukuba Summer Institute